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10 Best Movies to See in February: 'Black Panther,' Sci-Fi, S&M and More

Goodbye, the cinematic dump month we know as January; hello, the occasionally fertile pre-Oscar period of weeks we call February. At this time last year, we were prepping to see a little film called Get Out – whether the 2018 edition delivers something equally as memorable is anybody's guess, though we have high hopes for […]

Facebook will start prioritizing local news in user feeds

Facebook’s latest step in its on-going effort to fix its embattled news delivery offering involves prioritizing local sources. The social media giant announced today in a blog post that, along with efforts to elevate content from friends and outlets designated as “high quality,” the site will be working to push local news offerings to the […]

Social media is giving us trypophobia

Something is rotten in the state of technology. But amid all the hand-wringing over fake news, the cries of election deforming Kremlin disinformation plots, the calls from political podia for tech giants to locate a social conscience, a knottier realization is taking shape. Fake news and disinformation are just a few of the symptoms of what’s […]

A young startup with a timely offer: fighting propaganda campaigns online

The prevalence of so-called fake news is far worse than we imagined even a few months ago. Just last week, Twitter admitted there were more than 50,000 Russian bots trying to confuse American voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election. It isn’t just elections that should concern us, though. So argues Jonathon Morgan, the cofounder […]

Casey Affleck Drops Out of Oscars 2018, Will Not Present Best Actress Award

Casey Affleck has bowed out of his presenter duties at this year's Oscars amid a tense moment in Hollywood. The actor has already notified the Academy that he will not be attending the event, a rep confirmed to This article originally appeared on Casey Affleck Drops Out of Oscars 2018, Will Not Present Best […]

Sundance 2018: Joan Jett, M.I.A. Docs Premiere, Wow Fest Crowds

It's that vocals that always gets you first – the snarl that comes through Joan Jett's singing, sandpaper-rough around the edges and 100-percent fuck-you attitude. Yes, she's a first-class rhythm guitarist (listen the opening of the Runaways' “You Drive Me Wild” and tell us that's not gloriously, gut-punchingly This article originally appeared on Sundance […]

How Facebook’s new way of classifying what you write may speed feature rollouts across the globe

The way Facebook processes what the world writes is about to get a bit more cosmopolitan. As Facebook’s scope continues to grow globally, the way it rolls out features has been complicated by the fact that there are more than 100 languages supported on the site. When it comes to building text boxes into which […]